We are a church plant, with a focus on LOVING ALL God’s people from ALL BACKGROUNDS, imperfections and all.  We believe that God can TRANSFORM lives, REPAIR broken relationships, MEND broken hearts and FILL the emptiness inside.  We are driven to show this LOVE to the community to help CHANGE lives, the way Christ’s love has changed ours.
We believe that through the UNCONDITIONAL love of God, HIS ONLY SON JESUS Christ was sent to ATONE FOR OUR SINS. We believe that EVERYONE deserves to worship in a WELCOMING, JUDGEMENT-FREE atmosphere. We believe that we can bring about positive change in our community by SERVING others. Whether you have attended church before, or this is your first time, YOU HAVE A HOME HERE…
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Jacob Baby

Jacob Baby


Jacob Baby is the Pastor of the The Bridge Church in Bensalem. After experiencing the life-changing love of God in his own life, he developed a belief that God can change the life and circumstances of the people of our community. With this calling, he started the Bridge church. His dynamic and illustrative teaching style has helped his message to resonate with the community. He is married to Betcy Jacob and has two beautiful children, Evangeline and Ariela.